January 2022

Internal Testing to ensure AESIR is functional.

Spring 2022

Send out initial invites in anticipation of Closed Beta.

Summer 2022

Start Closed Beta testing.

Fall 2022

Conclude Closed Beta test and Prepare for Open Beta.

Fall 2022

Public Open Beta Launch & NFT Giveaway.

Winter 2022

Improve stability, add more exchanges & features in anticipation of our full release.

Spring 2023

Full Release, End of Beta. Organise feast. 🥂


Love this platform, it just seems to work

You guys stubmled upon a gold mine here, I can't wait for the full release

Great project, keep it up


Alistair Spragg

Software engineer

Andrei Badoiu

Software engineer

Charles Khan

Financial Manager

Daniel Butler

DevOps Engineer

Matt O'Keefe

Software engineer

Nathan Getty

DevOps Engineer

Richard Henriksen

Business Manager


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