January 2022

Run first end to end test of product and ensure all components are individually working.

March 2022

Incorporate companies in preparation for closed beta to commence.

April 2022

Give access to VIP's of BVTB group for initial round of testing.

May 2022

Open the beta to anyone that joined the mailing list prior to that point.

July 2022

AESIR will be opened up the the public for the first time.

Late 2022

The main focus for early to mid 2022 is creating a stable and bulletproof platform, as such not many features will be added during that time. So in late 2022 all feedback recieved during the previous months will be collated and implemented into the platform.


Thanks to AESIR I made enough money to leave my wife and buy my own house, screw you MacKenzie.

Jeff Bezos

I have trust they aint some rug pulling bitches tho.

Some guy on reddit

Can I join the project if I leave a good review?

Discord user #5


Alistair Spragg

Software engineer

Andrei Badoiu

Software engineer

Charles Khan

Financial Manager

Daniel Butler

DevOps Engineer

Matt O'Keefe

Software engineer

Nathan Getty

DevOps Engineer

Richard Henriksen

Business Manager


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