We're 6 weeks into our Open Beta for our Algo Crypto trading SaaS Æsir

Tue Nov 29 2022

We’re excited to say that this week marks Æsir’s 6 week anniversary since we’ve opened our great halls to the public. Æsir, our algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform is open for everyone to test out and we’re excited to share with you how the first 6 weeks have been, and to thank everyone who has applied to be a beta user.

How does algo trading work?

Before going into the Open Beta release itself, if you’re new to cryptocurrency algorithmic trading, here is a quick breakdown of the kind of tools Æsir provides. Algo trading platforms work by allowing the user to create a series of rules, that the platform is going to evaluate and execute.

For instance, these rules can be as simple as a weekly DCA:

Buy BTC, ETH, DOT and SOL EVERY 1 Week, With an Order Amount of 100 USDT

Æsir will then take these parameters and place buy orders based on them. This is just a minimal example. Strategies can contain complex logic based on Volatility, Technical Indicators and other tools. It is also possible to customise your exit strategy by setting a Trailing Stop loss.

In a nutshell, a trading algorithm extends your ability to trade by adding powerful new tools in your arsenal. It goes without saying that the way you use these tools makes a big difference.

Our Open beta progress

This week marks the 6th week of Open Beta for Æsir and I’m excited to say that these 6 weeks have been incredibly helpful in understanding how to continue to develop Æsir in a way that’s user friendly and yet powerful. During the first few weeks we have accumulated an initial user base of just over 1200 users. This allowed us to stress test the stability of our application in a real life environment.

SaaS scalability - and more good news When it comes to Software as a Service (SaaS), providing an application to a user is one thing, but having the infrastructure to serve a dynamically scaling application that adjust to the computing demand is a whole different ballgame. We are happy to report that Æsir is able to gracefully handle scaling and not break a sweat.

**Trading **Functionality**** As with most systems that handle user funds in one way or another, it’s important to ensure that the money handling part works exactly as it should. Æsir is therefore available in paper-trading only mode as we rigorously test all scenarios of live trading, before rolling it out. For more updates on this, you can hop over  our discover server.

Features we’ve added throughout the beta

Here is a breakdown of all the new features that were added to Æsir during this period:

To Sum Up

The first 6 weeks of our Open Beta release have been super helpful in determining several key points: is the application scalable, is the application stable, and does it do what the user expects it to do?

The next 6 weeks are probably going to be focused live trading and rolling this out. If you like to join the open beta, and grab yourself a free account for this duration, you can test out your cryptocurrency algo trading strategies with a free account.

While you’re at it, you can also join us on discord to talk algo trading and be up to date with the latest from Æsir.


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