Official Launch is in 2 days!

Wed May 10 2023

We come bearing fantastic news!

Æsir, our algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform will officially release on Friday, May 12, marking a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize the algorithmic trading landscape.

It’s been a long time coming but we promise it’s worth it. We’ve poured thousands of hours ensuring that the experience and functionality of our tool brings additional value to the algorithmic trading landscape, and fills the gaps in terms of what’s possible.

We’re so grateful to all of you for your support and patience throughout this voyage. Massive shout to all those who actively participated in the Beta and helped us improve the stability and functionality of the app. We’re proud to be a community-driven team, and we’re grateful you’re with us on our journey.

Now that the wait is over, and a realm of infinite possibilities awaits, and everyone who has Live Traded on Æsir in Beta will receive 3 Free Months of our pro tier, just keep an eye on your inbox.

Finally, if you’re new to Æsir or algorithmic cryptocurrency trading in general, here are some of the main things you can be excited about:

Algorithmic trading platforms allow users to create a series of rules, that the platform is going to evaluate and execute. For instance, these rules can be as simple as a weekly DCA on a number of assets:

Buy BTC, ETH, DOT and SOL EVERY 1 Week, With an Order Amount of 100 USDT

Æsir will evaluate this strategy and once a signal satisfies these conditions, it will place a buy market order. This is just a minimal example of a trading algorithm that you can build using Æsir.

A more complex example of a trading Algorithms would be:

Buy ANY COIN on THIS EXCHANGE that GAINED more than 3% in the 2 MINUTES and the RSI is under 70.

Manually trading this would simply not be able to analyze over 1000 assets in under a second and make a decision based on this analysis.

In a nutshell, a trading algorithm acts as an extension of your trading abilities by adding new and powerful tools in your arsenal. The way you use these tools makes a big difference and there is never a guarantee.

The example above, we’re leveraging Æsir’s unique features such as the “Volscan Layer” and combining it with a “TA Layer”. Layers are a series of trading tools that can be configured to return buy signals when appropriate. They each have specific configuration options, but the great thing about Æsir is that you can Layer those together to create truly unique signals that you can’t do on any other platforms.

Other Features:

There are plenty of other features for you to discover!

In a nutshell - save the date May 12

We’re really excited about this release and we can’t wait for you to take Æsir for a spin. See you around!


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