How to use Tradingview indicators in your algo crypto trading bot

Fri Oct 20 2023

tradingview indicators guide

TradingView provide users with computed indicators that is, indicators which return directly a BUY or SELL signal depending on their value, reducing the amount of complexity or knowledge required when configuring your own algo crypto trading bot.

TradingView indicators are available on their platform and via their API, which would normally require you to create your own crypto trading bot from scratch. However, If you’re using Aesir, our algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform, you get instant, free access to the TradingView computed indicators to power up your strategy. So here’s how to create your own tradingview trading bot on Aesir.

Before we jump into it, make sure you create an account so you can follow along with the guide.

Add Your Exchange Keys

The first thing you want to do is navigate to Profile from the sidebar and add your API Keys for the exchange you want your crypto trading bot to work on. Aesir supports Binance, Kraken and Coinbase Pro with more exchanges to be added soon!

Once you’re on your profile, under the Exchange Keys section click Add Exchange. A modal will pop up prompting you to give your new Key a name, to select and Exchange and to populate with the relevant information. Note that you’ll need to generate an API key on the Exchange you’re looking to trade on beforehand.

add exchange API key

Define the general options for your algo crypto trading bot

The next step is to navigate over to Create New Strategy. This is where you’ll be building the logic for your cryptocurrency trading bot.

You will first need to configure your General Options layer. These define some generic configuration options for your crypto trading bot and are not related to the trading logic itself. Here you’ll be able to define options such as:

Select TradingView Indicators for your crypto trading bot

Once you’ve populated the general options, it’s time to to dive into the TradingView indicators. On Aesir they live under the Layers section and they are called Computed Indicators.

add exchange API key

You should now see a configurable modal that allows you to choose the kind of Oscillators and Moving averages that you want your crypto trading bot to evaluate.

add exchange API key

Starting your crypto trading bot

You can now review your options on the right hand side of the screen, and once you’re happy with them, click Save. Now navigate over to My Strategies, find the strategy you just created and turn it on. Congratulations - you’re now running a TradingView crypto trading bot!

The best way to learn is by doing, so why not create an Aesir account now and get started within minutes. You’ll be able to run your strategies in Paper trading mode so that you first test that the strategy you’re copying actually works for you.


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