Release window for our new Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Mon Mar 13 2023

This is a massive milestone for us and we’re incredibly excited to share this with you. We’ve been hammering on this for a while now and we’re finally getting close to a full release. Starting Monday, March 13 2023, we’re going to be offering Early Access to Live trading!

The application has been running in Open Beta for the last 4 months, but only in paper trading mode. We spent the last few months making sure that live trading works as it should.

We’re currently aiming for a full release on April 17. In the meantime you can sign up to our newsletter and be notified when Æsir launches, or create an account now and play around in paper trading mode as an open beta user.

The application was built by 7 developers including myself over the course of two years. We named it Æsir because we all appreciate Norse mythology and wanted to incorporate some of it into our application. We started working on Æsir (the name of the app) in March 2021 and we wanted to build a tool that’s easy to user and to understand, but that also allows users to create complex trading strategies.

How to Algo Trading Platforms Work?

In order to understand why a tool like Æsir can help a trader find and execute better strategies, it’s good to have a top level understanding of how they work. Algo Trading Platforms work by allowing the user to create a series of rules, that the platform is going to evaluate and execute. For instance, these rules can be as simple as a weekly DCA:

Buy BTC, ETH, DOT and SOL EVERY 1 Week, With an Order Amount of 100 USDT

The algorithm will then take these parameters and execute trading according to it. This is just a minimal example, you can create strategies that contain complex logic based on Volatility, Technical Indicators and other market tools —

Could also do something like this.

Buy ANY COIN on THIS EXCHANGE that GAINED more than 3% in the 2 MINUTES and the RSI is under 70

It’s this example that truly describes the advantage of trading algorithm over manual trading. A daytrader would simply not be able to analyse over 1000 assets in under a second and make a decision based on this analysis. But here you would be able to catch a coin that’s just about to spike up in price, because you’re constantly evaluating the price of all coins on the exchange.

So in a nutshell, a trading algorithm extends your ability to trade by adding powerful new tools in your arsenal. It goes without saying that the way you use these tools makes a big difference.

The Building Approach

Before actually building the application, we started collecting information on how current algorithmic trading apps such as HummingBot and 3Commas work. We combined this research with the numerous reddit and discord conversations around the kind of features that people expect from a algorithmic trading app, and apart from the usual “I want it to make me profit” we found out that many people tend to value guidance, learning and the ability to grow along with something. Many algorithmic trading platforms out there require the user to already possess specialised knowledge before they can use the application. You can’t really completely remove complexity, since specialised knowledge is needed, but you can make it so people learn from one another, and share the knowledge collectively.

Æsir Features

That’s why we decided to build social mechanics into Æsir. Here is a quick preview of the Leaderboard and Copy Trading —

Leaderboard & Copy Trading

The Leaderboard is a collection of the top performing Configurations on the platform. The ones that are marked as “Public” can be cloned by anyone. Cloning a configuration creates a copy of that algorithmic strategy on your account, and allows you to instantly use it for yourself. The Leaderboard also features gamification mechanics, while encouraging responsible trading. The user with the top performing configuration of the month will receive a special prize as an acknowledgement of their Trading Feats.

Logic Layers

Going back to the example on how algorithmic trading apps work:

Buy ANY COIN on THIS EXCHANGE that GAINED more than 3% in the 2 MINUTES and the RSI is under 7

Æsir uses “logic layers” which are a series of user defined rules that can be layered on top of one another. For instance, Once some base options are selected, you can add logic layers to add more complex buy signals to your strategy.

Once you’ve selected a base and logic layers, Æsir will tell you exactly what the strategy that you created will do:

Test Strategy will trade USDT pairs with an order size of 10 USDT and a maximum of 3 Open Orders at a time. Assets will not be re-bought for 10 seconds. Buy and Sell signals for BTC, ETH, TRIBE, BIFI are checked every 30 seconds and an order will close when Take Profit reaches +2% or Stop Loss reaches -6%1. When a coin pair receives Buy Signals for 2 Moving Average(s) out of EMA10, EMA20, SMA20, and 1 Oscillator(s) out of CCI20, AOAND2. once any of BTC, ETH, TRIBE, BIFI have gained at least 2% in the last 10 minutes an order will be triggered.

In order for a buy order to be placed, both conditions above need agree on a buy signal. In other words, the relationship between each layer is AND not OR.

Other Features:

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you found it interesting. Æsir is live in Open Beta more and as we officially opened the gates for everyone to join — simply create an account here and join our growing discord community here.


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