Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Platform Æsir has just released!

Sat May 13 2023

The Next-Generation Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

We’re incredibly excited to announce Æsir, our Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Platform has Officially released! Here is how we got here, and the challenges that came up along the way.

It was early 2021, the crypto market was booming and everyone was out to find new ways to profit from the overwhelmingly bullish crypto market. We noticed that every now and again, you typically have an odd coin that’s performing significantly better compared to the rest. Not necessarily memecoins, just assets that can sometimes gain a significant amount in a single day.

So what if you could somehow predict and catch a ride on some of one of this surges by figuring out at what level of volatility that threshold is?

It’s around this idea that the Binance Volatility Bot was born. This was an Open Source Python trading bot that helped people find surging assets, and attempt to lock in a profit at the right time. It was a relatively simple trading bot that works by allowing the user to input several configuration options but the main ones are: Price Change and Timeframe.

It was a pretty efficient way to scalp provided you had the patience to test various configuration options until you find the sweet spot, but the issue was that many people wouldn’t be able to use it because it required some programming knowledge to setup and run.

Some of us decided to actually build this out into a fully fledged web app. And thus the core Æsir team was born. All of us met through the Binance Volatility bot and the hype around it on reddit, so apart from the normal challenges that come along with something like this, we also had to overcome the trust barrier. Sending money and sensitive documents for company formation to people whom you’ve never met in person was a bullet we all had to bite! I’m happy to report that no one ran away with anything!

As we were building, we realized the herculean scope of this build. If you’ve ever looked up to the peak of a mountain that you decided to climb, you know it’s going to be difficult to reach, but you have no idea what it’s like to walk the path.

This was no longer just a Python script that you can run locally. This was now a web app that needs a full and complex stack:

It’s a whole different beast. It was hard work and tensions sometimes ran high in the team, but we brought it to where we are today and I’m really glad that we all stuck with it.

As we kept adding features, Æsir became more than just a UI for the original bot, it became its own unique thing, way bigger than the original BVT Bot. And In order to keep everything in the spirit of community and transparency, we made a promise to Open Source, as many Æsir repositories as we can, without compromising on the security of our application.

In addition to the Volatility Module, we also built Technical Analysis, and TradingView support right into Æsir and we made it so that you can combine all of these together in order to create unique strategies. Users can also share and copy public strategies from other users, because what made BVT Bot special is the fact that everyone was learning from one another. There was no given recipe for success, but people were keen to explore and share their findings with the other members, so we wanted to take that further and allow people to help each other and find success together.

And here we are, more than two years later, with our crypto trading bot platform just released.
Thank you for reading, and for being part of this journey!

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