What is the Best Trading Bot For Binance in 2024?

Sat Dec 23 2023

Crypto trading bot strategies

Pros and cons of using a Binance Trading bot

Trading bots for Binance have become an essential tool for many traders. They allow users to execute trades automatically, leveraging various strategies to capitalize on market movements round the clock.

This article offers an in-depth view of the best trading bots for Binance by comparing their Pros and Cons, in order to help you make the right decision.

But first, if you’re new to trading bots here are some of the main reasons to consider using ones, as well as some top considerations and risks to bear in mind before you start.

Why Use A Binance Trading Bot to begin with?

Risks and Considerations

Best Binance trading bots, a quick glance

Trading Bot Pros Cons
3Commas Portfolio Management, Multi Exchange Support, Automatic Rebalancing, Futures Trading, TradingView Integration, Trailing Up & Down, 3Commas API, Demo Account, Signals Backtest, Access to 15+ exchanges.

Pricing: Beginner Plan ($4/month), Pro Plan ($49/month), Expert Plan ($79/month).
Limited features in the beginner plan, No Free tier
Aesir Wide Range of Signals, Fast Execution, Social Hub, Volatility Scanner, Social/Copy Trading, Referral Bonuses, In-App Notifications, Email Notifications.

Pricing: Free Plan, Starter Plan ($16.67/month), Pro Plan ($34.17/month), Advanced Plan ($99.17/month).
Limited strategies in Free Plan
Cryptohopper Social Trading, Arbitrage Bots, Advanced Arbitrage, Trailing Stop Loss, DCA, Paper Trading.

Pricing: Pioneer Plan (Free), Explorer Plan ($24.16/month), Adventurer Plan ($57.50/month), Hero Plan ($107.50/month).
Relatively expensive, Complex for beginners
UpBots CEX and DEX portfolios in one place, Bot MarketPlace, Token Ecosystem.

Pricing: Pay as you go with UBXN tokens.
Pricing can be unclear and variable, Requires holding UBXN tokens
Coinrule Telegram Notifications, Paper Trading, Portfolio Risk Management.

Pricing: Free Plan, Hobbyist Plan ($39.99/month), Trader Plan ($79.99/month), Pro Plan ($499.99/month).
Limited rules and strategies on lower-tier plans, High cost for Pro Plan
ArbitrageScanner.io Notification, Matching fees, Opportunity Scanner.

Pricing: Subscription plans from $69 to $199 per month.
Potentially high entry cost for full features
SMARD Advanced Automated Trading, Designed for long term investment, No Configuration Required.

Pricing: $1 per month + 10% monthly service fee after profit.
10% service fee might be high depending on profit, Limited information available
Bitsgap Pre-Made Trading Bot Strategies, Multi-Exchange Trading Terminal.

Pricing: Basic ($23/month), Advanced ($55/month), Pro ($119/month).
Basic plan might be limiting for serious traders
Shrimpy Social Trading, Portfolio Rebalancing, Backtesting.

Pricing: Free Plan, Standard Plan ($20/month), Plus Plan ($49/month).
Limited exchanges and portfolios on lower-tier plans
TradeSanta Trade Terminal, Multi Exchange Support, Mobile App.

Pricing: Basic Plan ($25/month), Advanced Plan ($45/month), Maximum Plan ($90/month).
Limited number of bots on lower-tier plans
CryptoHero Arbitrage Trading, Lease or buy trading bots, Trading Terminal.

Pricing: Free, Premium ($13.99/month), Professional ($29.99/month).
Limited bot access and higher execution speed on Free plan
Mudrex Pre-built investment strategies, Portfolio Builder.

Pricing: Basic (Free), Pro ($16/month).
Additional fees on deposits and withdrawals, Limited features on free plan
Haas Online Backtesting & Paper Trading, Portfolio Management, HaasScript Editors, Custom Coded Trading bots.

Pricing: Lite+ ($9/month), Standard ($49/month), Professional ($99/month), Enterprise ($149/month).
Advanced features locked behind higher tiers
Kryll Portfolio Management, No Code Bot Builder, Bot marketplace.

Pricing: Varies with KRL holding and trading volume, up to $50/month without KRL.
Complex pricing structure, Dependence on KRL holdings
Gunbot DeFi Trading, Custom Coded Bots, Runs Locally.

Pricing: Standard ($29/month), Pro ($39/month), Ultimate ($59/month).
Requires local setup and maintenance, Limited appeal for non-developers

Before being able to use any of the trading bots in this list, you’re going to need a Binance API Key and Secret pair with the correct permissions.

How to Create a Binance API Key

Binance APi Key

Note: For security purposes it’s strongly advised to only give your API Key the permissions that it will require. Aesir will NOT ask for access to Withdraw or Deposit funds on your behalf so keep these options disabled.

If everything looks good, click Generate Key. Note that you will only be able to see the private key once so make a note of it when it’s first presented to you, otherwise you will need to repeat the process.

After obtaining the key and secret pair, you can now integrate it into your trading bot for Binance.

Best Trading Bots for Binance, in detail


3Commas is a general-purpose cryptocurrency trading platform that offers automated trading bots for various markets and across multiple exchanges. The platform provides users with a range of indicators and signals to choose from, as well as more advanced tools like SmartTrade, Portfolio management, and Smart Cover.

3Commas Key Features

3Commas offers different subscription plans for trading on various exchanges, with different numbers of active bots, smart trades, grid bots, signal bots, and DCA bots. Traders can choose from monthly, annual, or lifetime subscriptions. Here are the pricing details for each plan:

3Commas Pricing

All plans include Futures Trading, TradingView Integration, Trailing Up & Down, 3Commas API, Demo Account, Signals Backtest, and access to 15+ exchanges.


Aesir is a new general-purpose algorithmic trading platform that offers unmatched execution speeds in the trading bot market, a wide range of trading strategies and advanced tools to help traders optimize their trades for different market conditions. Aesir is one of the best trading bots for Binance due to its unique and proprietary features such as the Volatility Scanner.

Aesir Key Features

Aesir Pricing

Aesir offers different subscription plans for trading on various exchanges, with different numbers of active strategies, paper strategies, and frequency. Here are the pricing details for each plan:

All plans include Social/Copy Trading, Referral Bonuses, In-App Notifications, Email Notifications and Notifications.


Ultimately, the best trading bot for Binance, is the one that’s most suited for your needs.

Let’s continue down this list with Cryptohopper, a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers trading bots for various cryptocurrency markets. The platform provides users with a range of trading strategies, including DCA, Grid, Signal as well as futures.

Cryptohopper Key Features

Cryptohopper also includes other common features such as Trailing Stop Loss, DCA and Paper Trading.

Cryptohpper Pricing

Cryptohopper offers different subscription plans for trading on various exchanges, with different numbers of active bots, as well as gate-keeping powerful logic behind higher paid tiers. Cryptohopper is relatively more expensive compared to other solution, though it does offer a specialized set of features such as its advanced arbitrage so it might just be the tool of you if arbitrage is your strategy.


UpBots is a DeFi-centric crypto trading bot with tokenomics closely tied to its pricing structure and its own bot marketplace economy. While UpBots might not be the best trading bot for Binance, it's definitely a strong option to consider for DeFi trading. However, it does offer both CEX and DEX trading.

Upbots Features

Upbots Pricing


Choosing the best trading bot for Binance, is not an easy task, but Coinrule might be the tool for you, if you’re looking for a trading bot platform to perform leveraged trades.

Coinrule Key Features

In terms of execution speed, Coinrule promises “fast” execution speeds, however we were not able to confirm exactly what this means, so do test this if going for this option.

Coinrule Pricing

Coinrule offers four pricing plans to suit different trading needs:

All plans come with a monthly rolling subscription, which can be canceled at any time. Coinrule accepts crypto payments and is committed to the wider blockchain community.


ArbitrageScanner.io is a crypto arbitrage bot that helps traders identify price differences across crypto exchanges. It might not be the best trading bot for Binance overall, but if you’re looking for a specialized arbitrage software, this is a very good choice.

Arbitrage Scanner supports over 100,000 coins, 75+ exchanges, and 20 major blockchains. It also offers a scanner between exchanges that searches for spreads for you and sends you ready-made pairs for all coins with different parameters. This feature is available for PRO tariff and higher.

ArbitrageScanner.io Key Features

ArbitrageScanner.io Pricing

ArbitrageScanner.io offers 2 subscription plans, at $69 to $199 per month. The cheapest plan offers a 30-day trial period, while the more expensive plans come with additional benefits such as turnkey scanner setup, and access to a closed community. The platform also provides free arbitrage training to all users.


SMARD is an advanced automated trading software specifically designed for long term hands free investment. This means that unlike other tools on this list, you do not actually have to configure anything, the algorithm itself will manage your portfolio for you. While this may not be the best binance trading bot for everyone, it may prove as a solid long term investment strategy.

NOTE: We have not tested this software so we cannot speak to its profitability. Unfortunately many proprietary automated investment solutions are closed off with limited information into what the strategy actually does.

SMARD Key Features

Advanced Automated Trading: SMARD is an advanced automated trading software that utilizes proprietary algorithms to autotrade on their users behalf, with no configuration required by the end user.

Designed for long term investment: SMARD states that their algorithm will not take unnecessary risks, and it’s more of a long term investment tool rather than trading strategy.

No Configuration Required: Due to it being more of an algorithmic hedge fund, users are not required to configure their trading bots.

SMARD Pricing

SMARD charges $1 per month + 10% monthly service fee charge after you profit. The first payment will be made after one calendar month from the start of trading only.


As our search for the best trading bot for Binance continues, we turn our attention to Bitsgap. If most of the platforms we've seen so far try to compete by offering the user a wide range of features, Bitsgap is playing a completely different game by offering 5 out of the box strategies with some customization. Those are: GRID, DCA, BTD (buy the dip), DCA FUTURES and COMBO (DCA+ GRID).

Bitsgap Key Features

Bitsgap Pricing


Shrimpy is a general-purpose cryptocurrency trading bot that allows users to automate their trading strategies. The array of features it offers make it closer to Aesir, 3Commas and Cryptohopper, rather than some of the more specialized platforms we’e seen.

It offers a range of features that make it an attractive option for both novice and experienced traders.

Shrimpy Key Features

Shrimpy Pricing


TradeSanta is another general-purpose trading platform, making it a strong contender for the best trading bot for Binance. However, we did mention that there is rarely ever a best one-size fits all, and it’s usually a matter of preference.

TradeSanta Key Features

TradeSanta Pricing

TradeSanta offers three pricing plans:

All plans come with a free trial, and TradeSanta accepts payments in fiat and crypto.


Next up on our list if CryptoHero - a general purpose trading tool that, similar to Aesir, 3Commas and Cryptohopper, it offers customizable trading bots, a wide range of signals as well as TradingView Support. Is it the best binance trading bot for you though? Let’s take a look at the key features.

CryptoHero Key Features

Arbitrage Trading: CryptoHero offers traders access to a variety of arbitrage strategies such as inter-exchange arbitrage and intra-exchange arbitrage strategies. Lease or buy trading bots: You can earn a revenue by leasing your trading bot to be used by other traders, or conversely, pay a subscription fee for access to trader’s bot. Trading Terminal: CryptoHero allows you to manage all of your exchange trades in one holistic view.

CryptoHero Pricing:

Aesir on the other hand offers a 10 second frequency on the Pro plan, making it the fastest algotrading platform on the market. But then again the best trading bot for Binance, or any other exchange, is the one that most suits your needs.


Mudrex is a paid crypto trading bot that offers portfolio management, automatic trading techniques, risk management, and access to a trading strategy library. The bot is offered in two versions: Basic and Pro. The Basic plan is free and includes portfolio management and automatic trading techniques. The Pro plan costs a monthly membership charge and has more advanced features, such as risk management and access to a trading strategy library

Mudrex is closer in the range of features and overall approach to SMARD, in that it emphasizes long term investing using pre-built tools as opposed to swing, range or day-trading via a configurable crypto trading bot. Could this be the best binance trading bot for you to consider? Depends on your goals.

Mudrex Key Features

Mudrex Pricing

The Basic plan is free, while the Pro plan costs $16 per month. Mudrex also charges 0.5% on deposits and 2% on withdrawals, up to $10.

Haas Online

HaasOnline provides a general-purpose approach to trading, similar to 3Commas, Aesir as well as some of the other Trading Bots that we have discussed in this article, making it a strong choice for the best trading bot for Binance if you are looking for an all-rounder.

The platform offers four different plans: Lite+, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with its own set of features and pricing.

Haas Online Key Features

Haas Online Pricing


Let’s continue our search for the best trading bot for Binance and take a look at Kryll. Now Kryll really mixes things up. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you. In terms of functionality Kryll offers a general-purpose approach, with undisclosed speeds of execution.

Kryll Key Features

Kryll Pricing

This is where things get a little more complicated with Kryll. Kryll’s pricing model is directly related to how much KRL (Kryll’s own ERC-20 token) you hold in your wallet as well as your trading volume. At a $5000 monthly trading volume, Kryll’s pricing looks like so:


Gunbot is a general-purpose trading bot designed to work with multiple exchanges, and supports DeFi trading as well. Gunbot is a bit different from most of the software we’ve reviewed above, in that your strategies don’t run in the cloud. Meaning that Gunbot doesn’t run your trading bots. Instead, you’ll need to download a piece of software and run it locally on your machine. Or a Raspberry Pi if you have one.

Gunbot Key Features

Gunbot Pricing

Gunbot’s highest tier has some pretty nice features, but having to run it locally might not be everyone’s cup of tea for the best Binance trading bot.

Binance Trading Bots - Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s condense what we have learned in order to help you make the right choice and approach trading bots in a responsible manner.

What is the Best Trading Bot for Binance?

The best trading bot for Binance is the one that works best for you and your use cases. Whatever option you may choose, bear in mind that at the end of the day, all of these tools are there to help you optimize your existing strategy, and find new market opportunities, but they can’t make up for lack of knowledge or trading, and they are not magic money printers.

We would recommend starting with our own crypto trading bot, Aesir. Aesir is a state of the art algorithmic trading platform that allows you to automate your existing strategy, or find new ones through our social hub. It’s also the fastest algotrading platform on the market, and has a highly intuitive interface, that makes it easy for new and experienced traders to get started in minutes. Furthermore, we love to chat and we actively engage with our community on Discord.

How Much Do Trading Bots Cost?

The cost of trading bots can vary significantly, from free versions with basic functionalities to premium bots with advanced features and higher price tags. Even the pricing structure itself can vary from subscription-based to pay-as-you-go, and DeFi-centric pricing based on token holding.

At Aesir, we believe in the power of simplicity, so we did away with convoluted pay-as-you-go or DeFi pricing. Instead, we’re offering a straightforward monthly subscription.

How Safe Are Trading Bots?

White trading bots tend to be generally safe, the real answer here depends on several factors. First of all, in order to minimize any potential risk as a user, you need to ensure proper management of your API keys. Never give share them publicly, and always ensure that you don’t away more permissions than you have to.

In addition to this, you need to ensure that you follow trading best practices, and avoid deploying untested strategies on the live market.

Can Trading Bots Guarantee Profit?

No, bots cannot guarantee a profit. They are tools that can help execute strategies more efficiently, but their profitability depends on how you use them. Think of a trading bot as you favorite sports car. It’s really fast and can do incredible things, but only in the hands of a skilled driver.

How can I start building my first trading bot for Binance?

Glad ou asked! You can get started with Aesir here and don’t forget to join our Discord.


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