About Æsir

Thu Sep 29 2022

Æsir [ ey-sir, ey-zir ] is an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform that enables you to automate your trading strategy with unparalleled customisation and ease. With Æsir you can create your own unique trading signals.

A crypto trading algorithm with a history

Æsir originally started off as an open-source crypto trading algorithm designed to detect the most volatile coins on the Binance exchange.

The project quickly gathered momentum and thus the original dev team was born. Some of us probably spend too much time on Reddit, but that’s ok since this project wouldn’t have existed otherwise. A Reddit post basically brought us all together - and so we started working.

We provided all the frameworks needed for the open-source community to keep building on the original project, while the core dev team was dedicated to introducing a massive overhaul for the tool.

What problem does Æsir solve?

The issue with most algorithmic trading platforms for cryptocurrency is that they are either too difficult and clunky to use, or do not offer enough customisation options for experienced traders. Therefore at Æsir - we’re balancing out the equation by introducing unique trading signals that you can easily create.

Our approach brings an unparalleled level of customisation, while never losing sight of the user experience.

A community-driven algo trading platform

We know - a lot of organisations our there boast about how community-driven they are, and how they actually listen to the user base. Some of them actually do. But in our case, we wouldn’t have even been able to start this project without listening to what the algo trading community wants. Every upvote and every comment on Reddit helped create Æsir. You got excited about it, so we built it.

Why Æsir?

Glad you asked. We simply love Norse Mythology. Though the initial name was supposed to be MIMIR - the Norse God of Knowledge*.* However, a few months into development, we got wind of a certain crypto project with the same name was being launched. We didn’t want to be connected to that so we settled on Æsir. Why choose a single God when you can have a whole Pantheon, right?

The core dev team

There are 7 of us in total, and we’re all crypto enthusiasts. We believe that cryptocurrency is here to stay and it has already irreversibly changed the global financial world and it will continue to do so.

We believe that listening to what the community wants is imperative in the SAAS world, so we’ve made sure that we always keep an open communication line with you. No automated messages, no bots screening questions. We make algo trading tools to improve your life, not to to replace human interaction.


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