About Æsir - Crypto Trading bot platform

Mon Jun 10 2024

Æsir [ ey-sir, ey-zir ] is a crypto trading bot platform that enables you to automate your trading strategies with unparalleled customization and ease.

We believe that Algorithmic Trading shouldn’t be complicated, and that traders should be able to build and test their crypto trading bots with ease, and in any market conditions.

We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for our community. It was through talking to thousands of traders like yourself that we understood what the algotrading market needs, and it was your feedback that helped us build Æsir.

As a young startup, we still have a lot of work to do, but what sets us apart is that we actively listen to our community, because we’re building Æsir with you in mind.

Volatility Trading Bot

Our state-of-the-art volatility scanner allows users to analyze hundreds of assets across multiple exchanges. This tool helps identify the most volatile coins, enabling traders to capitalize on rapid market movements and maximize their trading opportunities.

Our volatility scanner offers a unique approach to trading bots, built with crypto in mind. We’re the only ones to offer it and one of the core tools in Æsir.

Exit Strategy Tools

Along with the Volatility Scanner, Æsir provides innovative exit strategy features, including a stale asset sell-off function. This tool helps users free up liquidity from under performing orders, ensuring that their trading portfolio remains dynamic and responsive to market changes.

Social Hub

Our integrated social hub fosters a collaborative trading environment. Users can create and share their trading strategies with the community. With just a single click, others can replicate successful strategies, promoting shared success and continuous learning.

What Problem Does Æsir Solve?

Many algorithmic trading platforms are either overly complex or lack sufficient customization options for seasoned traders. Æsir bridges this gap by offering unique trading signals and a highly customizable interface, all while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

Æsir was born out of the collective wisdom of the algo trading community. Our project began with a Reddit post that united our core team, and we’ve continued to evolve based on community feedback. Every upvote and comment has helped shape Æsir into what it is today.

Meet the Core Team

Our team consists of seven passionate crypto enthusiasts who are dedicated to revolutionizing the trading landscape. We believe in the transformative power of cryptocurrency and are committed to listening to our community. At Æsir, we prioritize direct, human interaction to ensure we meet the needs of our users effectively.


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