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Top 12 Weekly DCA

Odin Odinson

Overall Profit:
30d 102.04%
60d 84.14%
90d 79.50%
+4 Coins


Sif Petersen

Overall Profit:
30d 322.95%
60d 322.95%
90d 322.95%
+324 Coins

Volscan Swing


Overall Profit:
30d 84.71%
60d 20.01%
90d 60.44%
+285 Coins



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How can you guarantee the profitability of my crypto trading bot?

Honest answer, we can't. The suite of tools we provide is used for automating your trading strategies, if your strategy isn't profitable before you automate it, it's not suddenly going to become profitable when automated. Expecting the platform to make any strategy you try profitable, is like expecting to beat world class drivers around the Nürburgring just because you own a fast car. Don't worry though, if you don't already have a strategy you can use our social trading feature to copy the strategies of other users!

What is an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform?

An algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform is a software system that uses algorithms and computer programs to automate the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies on various exchanges. These platforms are designed to execute trading strategies using crypto trading bots based on predefined rules and criteria without the need for manual intervention.

Does Aesir sell pre-configured algo crypto trading bots?

No, Aesir does not provide out of the box crypto trading bots. We offer the tools for users to build their own. However, users can copy other, existing crypto trading bots created by other users through the Social Hub.

Can I copy other profitable crypto trading bots?

Yes! We have an entire section dedicated to this called the Social Hub. Here users can see how profitable other user's configurations are and even clone them with a single click.

Can I test my crypto trading bots first?

Yes! We've built a state of the art paper trading system that will allow you to run your cryptocurrency trading bot on the live market and place simulated trades, eliminating all risk.

What exchanges do you support?

For the time being we only support Binance, however it is a top priority to add as many exchanges as possible within the near future.

What are the risks associated with using an algorithmic crypto trading platform?

The most common cause for lost funds is improperly configuring your trading strategy. When creating automated strategies you need to remember that the automation tools have no common sense, if you don't tell it to stop losses, it won't stop losses. The second risk is that crypto is volatile and can wildly fluctuate causing stop losses to triggered even though a rebound might occur your position would be closed at a loss, this can be mitigated by building robust trading strategies.

How do I know you won't just off with my money?

We at Æsir believe that the fundamentals of crypto are that you should always be in control of your own keys, whether thats wallet keys, or api keys. That's why we never hold any custody over your funds and instead use exchange api keys to perform the trades. On top of this we also reject any api keys that give too many permissions to the platform, for example, Æsir will never need the permission to withdraw funds, and therefore if you provide us a key with that permission it will be rejected.

Can I automate multiple strategies at once?

Yes you can. In fact to streamline the optimization of strategies, being able to run multiple paper trading bots in parallel can help identify winning strategies much quicker. We also offer multiple bot types so running multiple bots is a key part of the platform.

Can I use your automation tools and signals in my own application?

Currently not, however this is a priority focus for us. We understand that for more complex trading strategies our automation tools may not be enough on their own, so we are looking into providing websocket based access to our api which would allow integration of our signal engine in your own applications.


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